Small business (blog) start-up

Welcome to the birth of The Daily Record’s newest blog, Small Biz Buzz. We hear every day, from politicians and businessmen and women, that small business is the real driver of America’s economy. So we decided to ramp up our coverage in The Daily Record and on our website. This blog will be written mainly by people ...


  1. Congratulations on a great idea. Many people talk about “small business” but much of what they say does not really apply to or help small businesses. As the co-founder of a small business that represents and works with other small businesses I encourage and welcome your initiative.For starters it would be nice to entertain some ideas on what a “small business” actually is. While gross revenues and numbers of employees are easy metrics I find that a useful metric that is often overlooked is the overlap of capital and management: small business people invest their own money, sign personal guarantees and put up their houses to fund and secure the obligations of businesses that they actively run as officers, directors and employees.
    I look forward to following your Blog.
    Mark T. Jensen

  2. Let me know if we can help. Small Business Solutions seems to be stuck somewhere re: ad revenue, but we can supply a pipeline into small businesses.

    You all do great work. Best to Suzanne.


  3. I am excited about the new blog that you are about to start on small business; the driving force of America’s Economy. As a small business owner, I look forward to the topics and stories that you and your staff will be providing in this forum. Good luck and I will be supporting your efforts! Sincerely, Leonard

  4. I think that the small business blog start up is a good idea. I look forward to reading and being informed.
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    Author of (4) Christian Self Teaching Text Books (shown on my web site).
    Founder and Pastor and Bible Instructor.
    Retired BC-DSS Foster Care Worker co-legal guardian of 20-30 Wards of the State in Baltimore City, Family Services. (H)410-944-2274