Behold these Ten Commandments (of Attitudes)

I recently had the pleasure of hearing a keynote speech from Robert Grey, a partner with Hunton & Williams LLP in Richmond, Va., and a board member of the Legal Services Corp., which administers grants to indigent legal service organizations throughout the country. He is also a former president of the American Bar Association, one of only a few African Americans to hold that position. Clearly, he is a man of much success. But the words he had that night for an audience of young (and not-so-young) attorneys was that such success did not come without a willingness to take chances and to strive to achieve more. Inevitably, when you take risks you will have some failures, but in trying you learn for the next time and you also serve as an example and steppingstone for someone else. Mr. Grey was in that position when, after running and losing an election for mayor of Richmond, he was asked to speak at a local middle school. It was enough for the school and its children that here was a man that had accomplished much and yet still strove for more. It was of no consequence that he had not succeeded; he was a positive example nonetheless. I think part of the lesson is that success begins with one’s attitude, and Grey reminded me of the following “Ten Commandments of Attitudes” I found somewhere as a kid:


  1. Wasn’t Dennis Archer the first African-American president of the ABA?

  2. You are correct. The blog post has been changed to reflect that. Thanks.