Effective communication is more than just speaking

The definition of effective communication is dependent on the response you receive from others. At entreQuest, we’ve found that the dynamics of communication are about truly listening and being flexible and thoughtful in how you intend to communicate. We must also realize that communication is about a connection, an emotional connection. Emotion conveys the urgency and importance of what is being said – it sets the tone for every conversation. We can’t mention effective communication without referencing a 1967 study conducted by Stanford researcher Dr. Albert Mehrabian. Mehrabian set out to dissect the elements of communication and learn the value of each of its three forms: •    Words – the actual vocabulary used in speaking and writing. •    Voice quality – the tone, volume, inflection, and other features of audible expression. •    Body language – the physical position and movements that occur while speaking. What he discovered was that only 7 percent of communication came from words and 38 percent from voice quality, while body language accounted for 55 percent of how we communicate! You’re wondering how this is still relevant: Mehrabian’s study has been tested repeatedly and even the most recent findings show these conclusions to be spot on. We’re certain that face-to-face interaction holds the most potential for personalized contact and securing the best client experience possible. To encourage yourself to be a better communicator, consider these four timeless examples of the dynamics of communication:

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