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College student returns to Maryland to shoot film

WALKERSVILLE — Alden Tuck lives in one of the largest, most creatively charged cities in the world. But when the New York University student needed inspiration for a short film, he got it from his rural hometown.

A 2008 Walkersville High School graduate, the 21-year-old expects to graduate in May. The movie he is working on, about a young golf prodigy whose father recently died, was filmed in and around Frederick County last week.

“There’s a couple of scenes where we needed extras, and I wanted to use people that I knew growing up and make them part of the experience,” he said last week. “I really wanted to make this a short about the community.”

He also wanted to film scenes at the Greencastle Greens Golf Club in Greencastle, Pa., where he worked last summer.

“When I wrote the script, I had this course in mind,” he said. Shots were also filmed at the Liberty Road Golf Center in Frederick and at his Walkersville home.

“It’s a big family project as well,” Tuck said, noting that his parents provided boarding and meals for crew and cast members who came with him from New York.

Tuck said he has four permanent crew members and seven part-timers.

“It’s a lot more calm here than the chaotic city, so it’s nice and relaxing,” said Oung-Jo Yuh, the film’s producer and a good friend of Tuck’s who is from New York. “This is, like, real. The city is like glitz and glam, a little on the fake side.”

One morning last week, as the sun was coming up over the rolling hills of the countryside, “I even said ‘Maybe I can move out here one day,'” he said.

According to Tuck, everyone can relate to the emotional subject matter of his story, while the athletic element came from his own experiences playing golf and baseball in high school.

The main theme is “growing up and becoming an adult and realizing you are your own entity,” he said.

Tuck plans to enter the movie in New York University’s First Run Film Festival, among others.

“It’s really to make that final leap into a really professional short film,” he said.