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N.Y. suit fails military schools for rape reaction

NEW YORK — A New York lawsuit is asking a court to force the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy to improve their response to rapes and sexual assaults.

The lawsuit was filed Friday on behalf of two women who say they were raped at the training grounds for military leaders.

The lawsuit says both institutions systemically and repeatedly ignored rampant sexual harassment. It also says they have a history of failing to prosecute and punish students who have sexually assaulted fellow students.

A Naval Academy spokesman, in Annapolis, said he cannot comment on litigation. However, William Marks called the academy’s sexual assault response program among the strongest in the nation.

A U.S. Military Academy spokeswoman said every report of sexual abuse is taken “extremely seriously.”

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  1. This is really bad news for the military academy department that they have no security or safety system for women trainees. I read this post and really feels bad for the two trainee girls.