Dogs to get their day in new Mt. Vernon park

City officials and mid-town community activists are preparing to open a new dog park at Centre and Howard Streets. Howard's Park, a tiny sliver of green near the light rail station on Centre Street, will soon open as an off-leash island for four-footed friends of all sizes. The park will be fenced off this spring and ...

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  1. The Conservancy is seeking a public/private partnership from the city for the Mt. Vernon Park at Charles and Cathedral. It will involve cash from the city and a sign-off of city rights regarding public use of this park. The dog park is the first step in moving the public out. This park has historically provided the city with a revenue source and a chance to give to all citizens a space for entertainment.

    Think of how many tax revenue sources in the form of tax credits this Mayor and the current Governor has given to the Johns Hopkins Development Corporation…….we could rebuild all our schools with the money over a few decades!