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A very, very personal theft

There was a brief story (ha!) in The Annapolis Capital that caught my attention. Seems a burglar took cash, phones and “more than $650 in high-end bras and panties from a woman’s unlocked apartment Monday,” according to Annapolis police.

The woman had left her apartment unlocked for 10 minutes while taking her daughter to the school bus stop, according to police. When she returned, she “found that a pile of laundry was missing, including $650 worth of Victoria’s Secret bras and panties.”

I’m no expert on women’s underwear, but $650 seems like a lot of money to spend on undergarments. I could probably buy a 20-year supply of underwear for myself for the same amount (or, even better, a 40-year supply if you turn each pair inside-out).

My fiance, who is more well-versed in women’s underwear, said the dollar amount is high, especially since Victoria’s Secret often offers deals.

That’s good news for the robbery victim, who now has a chance to restock her drawers, which I guess is a cotton lining of sorts to all of this.