Editorial: Hrabowski accolades are well-deserved

Many more people in this country and even around the world now know what those of us in Maryland already knew: Freeman A. Hrabowski III is a world-class leader.

His being named one of the world’s 100 most influential people by TIME Magazine, on a list ranging from Barack Obama to Xi Jinping to Christine Lagarde, placed Mr. Hrabowski squarely on a world stage of influence and prestige.

Typically, when asked to comment on his inclusion on such a list of luminaries and change agents, Mr. Hrabowski turned the conversation to the University of Maryland Baltimore County, which he has led with singular vision and passion for two decades.

“I see this as a major statement about respect for UMBC,” he told The Daily Record’s Alexander Pyles. “People want to know the UMBC story.

That story, in a nutshell, is how an unheralded commuter school has become “perhaps the most envied science program in the country,” according to TIME, and a trailblazer in providing opportunities in math and science to African-American students.

It is one of the great stories in American higher education, and Mr. Hrabowski is its primary author.

His leadership has been an inspiration to UMBC and to all of us in Maryland.


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