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Hopkins employees run dress rehearsals for new home

A small army of Johns Hopkins Hospital employees spent two days in March running dress rehearsals of typical hospital scenarios, preparing themselves for the time their new facility would open for business.

The four-hour drills included 15 scenarios requiring different parts of the vast medical institution to work together to solve simulated problems, with volunteers playing the roles of patients.

“Some of the rehearsals were to understand adjacencies and dependencies between units,” said Christina Lundquist, an executive administrator for the new clinical building.

The drills familiarized staff members with the new equipment and allowed them to practice the most efficient ways to get between units in the 1.6 million-square-foot building.

One scenario involved a pregnant woman entering the hospital through the emergency room, then needing to be transported to labor and delivery for an emergency cesarean section, and then having her baby transported to the neonatal intensive care unit while she went to the post-partum unit, Lundquist said.

Another included learning how to navigate between the three floors of operating rooms and the blood bank.

“So, what’s the quickest way to get [to the blood bank] from the most distant [operating room]?” Lundquist asked.


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