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The right mindset helps bring better results

If you are like our clients, you are wondering how you can realize your full potential as sales-driven businesspeople aspiring to grow client rosters and revenues.

The reality is that there are hundreds of products and services you buy into to help improve your job performance. Here’s a quick hit list:

1. Your desk chair:  Did it promise to improve your ability to sit longer at your desk and finish more work?

2. The sticky notes on your papers: Did they promise to improve your ability to remember what work was top priority?

3. The local business e-mail in your inbox: Did it promise to improve your ability to keep your work strategy relevant?

Each of these promises involves “work.” Practically everything we do before, during and after work is part of a self-created routine to perform better at work. Even if it’s watching TV or going to the gym, you’re often doing it to de-stress and refresh before it’s time to get back to work.

Like you, I have invested in hundreds of these activities and accessories. However there is a shortcut. We can bypass all of this and get straight to the heart of what drives human progress and organizational optimization.

There is only one tool that actually has the power to bring in better results. You cannot buy it, but you can use and develop it continually. It is MINDSET.

Mindset sits at the foundation of the Access to Achievement – part of the Growth Methodology, a philosophy that entreQuest conceived to explain what drives professionals to reach their sales goals. We use the Achievement Model with our clients in the context of both individual employees and organizations as a whole.  (To see three brief videos explaining the Growth Methodology in detail, click here.)

To control your mindset, you must first understand your “recipe for success.”

There are three ingredients: physical movement, speech and thoughts. Successful businesspeople understand the difference in their movements, speech and thoughts when they are winning — and when they are not. This allows them to continually create a mindset that conquers challenges, defies failure, secures satisfaction and revs up revenue.

You can have this, too. Check in on your mindset as much as you can throughout the workday with a simple six-letter phases:  “I move. I say. I think.” This continuous check-in will ensure that your mindset will allow you to reach your full potential.

Of course other things like comfortable chairs, sticky notes and local news all have their place in assisting us through the challenges of the daily grind. So, I would never suggest working off mindset alone. It must be said, however, that if everything on your desk suddenly vanished, you could still succeed as long as you are sourced with a winning mindset.

Mindset is what gives businesspeople access to their achievement. No matter what kind of improvement you need to make in your work, trust me, mindset is the all time greatest hit of the hit list.