Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Huguely

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The mother of slain University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love has filed a $30.5 million lawsuit against the former men’s lacrosse player convicted of murdering her daughter.

Sharon Love filed the lawsuit against George Huguely V on Thursday in Charlottesville Circuit Court, saying he was responsible for her 22-year-old daughter’s death, The Daily Progress reported. She is seeking nearly $29.5 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

Huguely, 24, of Chevy Chase, was convicted in February of second-degree murder and grand larceny in Yeardley Love’s May 2010 death. A jury has recommended that he serve 26 years in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 30.

Attorneys for Sharon Love and Huguely did not immediately return phone messages left at their offices on Thursday.

Sharon Love, who lives in suburban Maryland, alleges that Huguely “failed to use ordinary care, leading to an accident for which he was responsible that resulted in the injuries and death of Love,” according to court documents.

Huguely also “acted with such indifference to Love that his conduct constituted an utter disregard of caution amounting to a complete neglect of safety for Love,” the lawsuit said.



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  1. What an absolute waste of time and legal resources. He’s in his 20’s, has no personal wealth and will likely spend the next 26 years in prison. What does this woman expect to get from this? Is she trying to prove a point? It would be a hollow and meaningless victory. Does she expect to get money from the family? The family is not responsible for the action of Huguely since he was an adult at the time of the crime.

    Out legal system needs to be overhauled to put an end to this type of frivolous lawsuits that wastes taxpayers money. No money will ever be awarded to Love’s family. Be satisfied that he will spend the next 26 years in prison.

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