Baltimore City Council approves property tax cut plan

The Baltimore City Council has approved Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s proposed property tax cut legislation.

The plan approved on Monday calls for a newly created homeowners tax credit program that the mayor’s office says would be paid for with money generated by slots and by reducing spending over the next several years.

Under the plan, the owner of a home valued at $200,000 would see an annual tax reduction of $40 in 2013, growing to $400 in 2020. Rawlings-Blake has said the gradual tax reduction would prevent large cuts to city services and public school funding.

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  1. In what are incremental steps towards privatizing public education in Maryland, Baltimore moves to cut property taxes without addressing the education funding shortfalls…..ring-fencing property taxes in affluent communities in Baltimore and affluent counties in Maryland so that the state-wide distribution of state and city tax revenue is equally distributed. Trying to move towards a regressive gambling revenue as they fight hard to protect the wealthy and corporations from most taxes, Maryland’s political makeup of Third Way and Blue Dog Democrats is starting to mirror Texas in its deference to the 1%. The problem for Baltimore going with gambling as a revenue source is that they have impoverished the working class and poor where not even having the hope of hitting a jackpot and the wealthy don’t pull handles on slot machines.

    Baltimore’s power-brokers have told Mayor Rawlings-Blake and the city council that they are going to fund education in Baltimore through private funding of charter schools, this allowing them to continue their gentrification of the city by allowing ‘public’ charters to select the students that they want, rather than allow all students as is the case with public schools.

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