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No good deed goes unnoticed (access required)

I recently won my first motion for judgment during a modification for visitation hearing. It wasn't the win that had me on cloud nine -- it was my client's level of gratitude. Her appreciation is why I work for Legal Aid. She has been dealing with her custody case for nearly a decade. I can't imagine ...


  1. Awesome article and outcome! Good job on serving our community with great expertise and professionalism!

  2. Outstanding advocacy. Your clients are fortunate to have you representing their issues. Service to those who are unable to standup for themselves is most rewarding. You may not win them all, but you will win most. And those you don’t win, you will have served justice well.

    Even when you don’t win, if you have challenged opposing counsel and the judicial system to have done everything legally to prevail, you have served justice. The the rule of law, legal system, and Constitution which is the lodestar of both are maintained by good lawyers. Lawyers who make sure civil procedure and criminal procedure are adhered to with fidelity.

  3. God is good! It is always a good thing to be on the path that God has predestined for you since the beginning of time. I’m extremely proud of you Sis. I never doubted that you would be nothing less than a great lawyer. It’s definitely in your blood. LOL

  4. And that is what this life is really about. Bravo!

  5. Great article! That’s exactly what our legal system should reflect — helping the person who is in the right, not necessarily the person who is in the right tax bracket. Too often in today’s world is all about the money. It’s wonderful to know that there are still people like you who are not ruled by the almighty dollar and who are there to help those without! That’s why you’ll always be blessed. 🙂