Across the country, less law school love

The George Washington University Law School is the latest to drop its enrollment as fewer people applied to law school for the upcoming academic year. GW Law plans to keep its enrollment below 450, compared to this year's class of 474, the National Law Journal reports. Law schools across the country are grappling with upcoming fall enrollment ...

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  1. I you look at the statistics, the US is no longer a Rule of Law nation. We no longer prosecute white collar crime; we no longer allow class-action lawsuits;civil liberties are no longer protected; we no longer have active justice lawyers attached to government; people can’t afford to hire personal lawyers; the judicial bench is disappearing as politicians fail to fill vacant slots or wages stagnate. In short, your elected official is killing an entire branch of government at all levels.

    As we hear for the Center for Public Integrity that fraud and corruption has most states in the US at a grade ‘D’ or ‘F’, one would wonder why law school graduates today can’t find jobs….that’s why….the criminals are in charge of enforcement!

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