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In-House Interrogatory

Today we are taking a look at in-house attorneys and pro bono work.

Asked: Our weekly question to the In-House community

More corporate legal departments are emphasizing pro bono work by instituting more structured pro bono programs and backing them with company money, the Washington Post reports.

For example, Capital One just spent $25,000 to develop a product to digitize the files of legal aid groups in Virginia, making it easier for lawyers to find pro bono clients. The company is also putting a pro bono work structure in place for its attorneys complete with benchmarks and goals.

What do your corporate legal departments do for pro bono work? Has there been more focus on engaging in pro bono at your companies? Is the process informal or have your companies instituted formal structures for pro bono work?

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Need to Know:

  • The Federal Communications Commission named a new general counsel last week. Sean Lev, the current deputy general counsel will take over mid-June.
  • Safeway general counsel Robert Gordon is backpedaling this week after making a sexist joke at the company’s annual meeting about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Gordon and CEO Steve Burd sent letters of apology to the women.
  • A fight is brewing between the Washington state attorney general and the general counsel of Village Voice Media Holdings over adult services ads.
  • Lucy Lee Helm was named executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Starbucks this month.
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