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Money rolls in for same-sex marriage petition drive

A group opposed to Maryland’s law allowing same-sex marriages says it has gathered 122,000 voter signatures, more than double the number of signatures needed to petition the law to a voter referendum.

But those signatures didn’t come free.

More than $70,000 was spent on the petition drive, $25,000 of which came in cash from the National Organization for Marriage, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that is opposed to gay marriage.

According to an e-mail from Marylanders for Marriage Equality — the group working to promote Maryland’s new law ahead of the expected referendum this fall — the national group also contributed $58,000 in in-kind donations to Maryland Marriage Alliance, the group organizing the petition drive.

Both sides are expected to continue to raise large sums of money as the question is likely put to voters this fall.

Josh Levin, the campaign manager for Marylanders for Maryland Equality, wrote last month in Baltimore Gay Life — a twice-monthly publication of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore — that the campaign to uphold the law, passed by the General Assembly in February, “will cost millions.”