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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

About a year ago, when I started blogging for Generation J.D., my career was in a state of transition: I was leaving a firm and about to start my clerkship. One year later, I am in transition again.

There were a lot of people that doubted my decision to leave private practice for a state court clerkship — why leave a stable job and a great paycheck in this economy? But alas, without risk there is no reward.

In the last year I learned a lot about how a courthouse works and how judges make decisions. Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself. I’ve become more confident and I’m starting to trust my judgment — something I could not say during my first year as an attorney.

While I’ve learned a lot, it is June and I, like most law clerks around this time of year, am on autopilot. I’m ready to stop watching and start doing . . . and start paying my dues to the Client Protection Fund again.

In July, I will start the next chapter of my career as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. It turns out that my sabbatical from private practice will be more of an extended leave of absence.

My personal reasons for joining the State’s Attorney’s Office aside, I believe that there is a need for young, eager attorneys in government work and that young attorneys can gain excellent trial skills and unparalleled experience while serving the government. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and I’m excited about the challenges ahead of me.

So, as I start this next chapter, it is an appropriate time to say farewell to Generation J.D. and make way for the next crop of young lawyers. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll see some of you around the courthouse in the coming years.