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Thurmont in talks to sell land for state park

THURMONT — The town of Thurmont says it’s negotiating to sell 450 acres to the state to expand nearby Cunningham Falls State Park.

The Frederick News-Post reports that town officials held a closed meeting Tuesday to discuss the matter.

Mayor Martin Burns says the state approached the town about buying the land, which is surrounded by the park.

He says the initial offer was too low but the state is now offering more.

Burns says the town would keep about 80 acres, including the town’s reservoir.

Cunningham Falls covers at least 5,000 acres in the Catoctin Mountains north of Frederick.

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  1. My goodness. During the last session of the general assembly we were advised more and new taxes were needed to address the State’s BASIC responsibilities, debts and needs. We just experienced a “Special Session” to address the disaster of the the short fall in that the minimal additional spending permitted in the “Doomsday Budget” was insufficient.

    Certainly in good times where the State coffers are overflowing and the State’s rainy day fund is healthy … where federal (the “Bush”) tax cuts aren’t imperiled and federal debt levels are threatening to exceed GDP, such spending might be supportable … I would have to question the wisdom and responsibility the “State” is exhibiting in setting its “priorities” for available or obtainable moneys.