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Proposal would require defibrillators at Anne Arundel pools

ANNAPOLIS — The Anne Arundel County Council is scheduled to vote on emergency legislation that would require all public and semi-public pools to have a defibrillator.

County Executive John Leopold has introduced the legislation, called Connor’s Law, and the council is set to vote on July 2. The emergency legislation needs five votes instead of four to pass and would take effect immediately.

The county Health Department said the legislation would affect 275 pools. Defibrillators cost between $1,200 and $1,500 each, and pools will be responsible for buying them.

The Capital of Annapolis says the proposal is named for 5-year-old Connor Freed, who drowned at a country club pool in 2006. The pool had a defibrillator, but Connor’s mother, Debbie Neagle-Freed, said the lifeguard wasn’t trained to use it.