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Teen dies after struggle with off-duty Md. officer

WOODLAWN — Baltimore County police say a teenager is dead following a struggle with an off-duty officer.

Police say 17-year-old Christopher Brown was chased by the officer, who was at home in the Woodlawn area and went outside after hearing a loud bang. The unidentified officer noticed his front door had been damaged and saw three or four people fleeing the area.

Police say the officer chased Brown for several blocks before finding him hiding in some bushes. The officer then struggled with the teen after pulling him from the bushes and Brown eventually fell unconscious. The officer has been placed on administrative leave and the teen’s body has been sent to the medical examiner’s office to determine the cause of death.


  1. He was just defending his door. He had every right to take the childs life in defense of the door.

  2. So, is it free game when something happen’s to my house and your child is passing by. Is it shoot first and ask questions later? I know the officer got the wrong child and the officer needs sensitivity training. Does death fit the crime? How is an officer allowed to become Judge and Jury overnight. It looks like anger killed this child. Find the three that got away and you will find something in common with the officer.(anger)