After the roast, paying it forward

It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since I graduated from law school. I am reminded of my family’s dinner celebration after my graduation from the University of Maryland School of Law. It was a very special night: The whole family was together and we had a great time sharing a meal and celebrating that we now had a lawyer (or soon-to-be lawyer) in the family. After we ate, I saw my uncle slowly rise from his seat. I knew immediately what was next... the roast! One by one, all of my relatives took their turn. Their collective tone was prideful as they each reflected on watching me grow up to become the person I am today. What I realized once the roast ended was that my family had imparted to me an expectation that with every personal success I look for opportunities to serve others, which I have tried to do since graduation. Just recently, I became involved with Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore. BHGH provides underprivileged students with the necessary resources – support and guidance, a safe place to live and a quality education, to name a few – that will allow them to overcome numerous social and economic challenges and ultimately graduate high school and college. I will be mentoring one of the program’s young “scholars,” the title BHGH has appropriately bestowed upon its gifted students. I see this chance to blog for Generation J.D. as another service opportunity. Only this time, I’ll be serving you, our readers: fellow young, talented lawyers who, like me, are learning to not only navigate but also chart new courses in our profession. Over the months to come, I hope to blog on a variety of issues, including my experiences as a judicial law clerk, job searching (in what continues to be a challenging market), various legal topics I find interesting and everything else in between. I am excited about this new opportunity to share my thoughts and perspectives and, with a bit of luck, engage you, our readers, in a conversation. I look forward to getting to know you, and I hope you will get to know me along the way.

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