Stop hogging the left lane!

Paul Samuel//June 20, 2012

Stop hogging the left lane!

By Paul Samuel

//June 20, 2012

This is for all those slow-poke drivers who hog the left lane – the passing lane – by driving at less than the posted speed limit.

The Delaware Senate has unanimously, and without debate, passed a bill prohibiting slow-moving vehicles from remaining in the left lane and impeding traffic on Delaware highways. First-time offenders can expect a fine of at least $28, which could go up to $230 per violation. Repeat offenders could be fined as much as $575 per violation.

The bill was unanimously approved in the House of Representatives last month, and now goes to Gov. Jack Markell for his signature.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Democrat William Carson of Smyrna, said slow-pokes on the highway who drive at less than the posted speed limit, who block cars from passing them and cause traffic backups, frequently are the cause of road rage on the part of those who want to get around them.

An amendment to the bill specifies that motorists traveling at the posted speed limit in the left lane would not be in violation of the legislation.

As a driver who frequently passes through Delaware, I applaud the “First State” for its forward-thinking law, and I hope other states will adopt this sensible approach.

Now if DelDOT would only finish all that construction on I-95, I might be able to get through Delaware faster than ever.


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