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Md. senators: Farm bill retains bay protections

Maryland senators say a farm bill passed by the Senate retains important bay conservation programs.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, meanwhile, says it is encouraged by the bill passed Thursday. The foundation says the Senate had originally eliminated $50 million a year in cost-share programs for farmers, which senators from bay states were able to save.

Sens. Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski say the bill rolls bay conservation into a new regional conservation program. Cardin says the Department of Agriculture has assured him Chesapeake Bay conservation will be adequately funded under the new system.

Doug Siglin, the foundation’s federal affairs director, says conservation funding was cut about 10 percent overall nationwide, but lawmakers kept funding for a key assistance program to help farmers reduce runoff that pollutes bay waters.


  1. There are two gorillas in the room with this farm bill as far as the people are concerned: Cardin and Mikulski:

    Why is yet another industry…….now protected with taxpayer money from losing money, ever. The idea that we have to subsidize all business loss in America while quality of life for many Americans is bordering Third World. Farmers have the commodities market for hedging risk, why do they need taxpayer money? These politicians gave us the mantra ‘cut oil and farm subsidies’ and then voted for greater subsidy.

    Why did you allow Food Stamps to be placed on the Farm Bill? I can hear right now….we had to negotiate in order to save Food Stamps. Remove Food Stamps from the Farm bill and cut these subsidies!

  2. Christopher-Rehoboth

    I really do not understand the MD people. When are you going to wake up. It is past time for Cardin to go out to pasture. Cardin is once agains proves that the only thing the Democrate party can think of in times of trouble is to print more money and hand it out. Spend, spend, spend… is just shameful! WAKE UP FOLKS. Why do we continue to allow these bailouts/subsidies on the backs of America. We already cannot pay our own bills, yet with people we elect like Cordin, we are only going to continue to get what we elect. Step up and have the courage to FINALLY DO WHAT is right. I’m not saying that in times of climate disastors that we shouldn’t help out farmers, but this is clearly not what this bill is about. Daniel Bongino is a man we can trust. Do your own homework and dont take my word on it. PLEASE….OUR COUNTRY IS COUNTING ON YOU!