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SCOTUSblog 1, CNN and Fox 0

SCOTUSblog 1, CNN and Fox 0

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In the beginning, I hated SCOTUSblog.

About 10 years ago, the then-fledgling online service providing near-instantaneous links and analysis of Supreme Court decisions was a direct competitor to my own nascent email service in which I promised subscribers same-day news articles on every case granted, argued and decided by the justices.

More than one subscriber (and many more would-be subscribers) asked why they should sign up for my service — Cert.ainty Publishing — when they could get SCOTUSblog for free.

My startup company quickly folded.

But I have since learned to love SCOTUSblog — and at 10:08 Thursday morning my affection was requited.

While CNN and Fox were breathlessly — and erroneously — reporting that the Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate (the essential funding provision of the federal Affordable Care Act), SCOTUSblog correctly noted that “the individual mandate survives as a tax.”

So here’s a tip of the hat to Tom Goldstein, Amy Howe, Lyle Denniston and everyone else at SCOTUSblog who got it right.

UPDATE 1:36 – CNN emailed me a link to their correction.

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