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What kind of screen play on your flight?

Southwest Airlines will test out live television service on some of its flights. You’ll be left to your own devices to watch — that is, Southwest will sell you access to the TV channels, but you’ll need something to watch it on, presumably a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With initial channels to be limited to sports and news, here’s what we’re picturing: You lay out the fee and fire up, say, an Orioles game on your iPad. You’re enjoying the action when you notice the guy squeezed into the seat next to you is watching, too.

What’s the etiquette? You let him freeload? You say, “Dude, buy it yourself” and turn the iPad so he can’t see the screen? Or do you ever-so-nonchalantly reposition yourself so that you appear to be getting more comfortable but are actually moving so that your arm and shoulder are blocking his view?

We suggest going with the last one, but when he asks, “What’s the score?” you go ahead and tell him. However, in your head, you’re saying, “The score is this: Me 1, You 0.”