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Eye Opener: Marylanders debate health care ruling

Elected officials, business owners and health care practitioners rushed to parse the Supreme Court’s upholdingThursday of much of the Affordable Care Act.

More on reaction from lawmakers later. But here’s a few other headlines today:


  1. Christopher-Rehoboth

    I really do not understand the MD people. When are you going to wake up. It is past time for Cardin to go out to pasture. Cardin is once agains proves that the only thing the Democrate party can think of in times of trouble is to print more money and hand it out. Spend, spend, spend… is just shameful! WAKE UP FOLKS. Why do we continue to allow these bailouts/subsidies on the backs of America. We already cannot pay our own bills, yet with people we elect like Cordin, we are only going to continue to get what we elect. Step up and have the courage to FINALLY DO WHAT is right. And here we go again with one of the largest tax increases in History. So, instead of tackling the real problems with health care what do we do. Tax and Spend…tax and spend. Oh….excuse me…”Mandate” and spend. Daniel Bongino is a man we can trust. Do your own homework and dont take my word on it. PLEASE….OUR COUNTRY IS COUNTING ON YOU!

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