Bad timing for Pepco hiring

As hundreds of thousands cursed power companies while desperately searching for places to charge their iPhones last week, Pepco Holdings Inc. was trying to hire a new media relations manager in the Washington, D.C. area. Talk about bad timing. The ad was listed two days before a freak storm struck with little warning on June 29 and ...

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  1. The selling of public utilities to private companies and the deregulation of these companies led to a systematic transfer of operating models from one of service to one of profit….exactly what you would expect….as we will see worsen with the BGE merger with Exelon. If you don’t have linesmen walking the lines identiying rotten and diseased trees or hazards like limbs, then you have a strategy of just letting all these hazards fall at once to the detriment of the public, but to a cost saving one time fix…….until the next ‘one time’.

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