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A drama-free divorce — so far

Drama-free divorces can be hard to come by, especially for celebrities. But it seems as though that’s what the newest divorcing couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, have managed for themselves.

Just days after Holmes filed for divorce, the couple reached a settlement agreement. Holmes’ attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, even said that he was “thrilled” for her. I think his use of the term “thrilled” is a strange word choice but perhaps understandable. Especially if it refers to the fact that the couple was able to reach an agreement quickly without going through a drawn-out, painful process that many couples endure.

I am as intrigued as many people are about the dynamics of their relationship, which has included couch jumping and baby bump conspiracies. The circumstances of the couple’s relationship have always been a bit mysterious to the general public and it’s likely that the details of the divorce will remain as mysterious (which is why we’re probably all so intrigued).

An online search didn’t yield much beyond the usual tidbits, but I did find this analysis from a Los Angeles divorce lawyer that could be particularly interesting to those who practice family law. Despite the seemingly simple resolution of the marriage, if Scientology really was one of the major issues Holmes has with Cruise, it could prove to be an issue between them until Suri reaches adulthood.

We know that Cruise and Holmes had a prenuptial agreement but couples with prenups don’t always settle this easily, especially when children are involved. It will be interesting to see what information comes to light (if any) from all of this in the future.