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Lawyer vanity plates 4U

Lawyer vanity plates 4U

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It’s one thing for lawyers to brand themselves with ads on the back of buses. It’s another to showcase their careers on the backs of their cars.

The ABA Journal asked readers to submit photos of lawyer vanity license plates last week and came up with  a wide range of attorney and courtroom sayings people have stamped to the back of their Mercedes-Benzes.

Some just have their initials, followed by “ESQ.” Others get more creative. Some of our favorites: “ICNVCTU”; a lawyer with a pair of plates on two cars reading “SUYAL8R” and “SUYATOO”; “I DO LAW”; and “ISUE4U. The full gallery is here.

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s attorney is even on the bandwagon. The plates on Joe Amendola’s BMW read “JLA ESQ.”

Who knows, maybe Amendola decides to get new plates, his client will be the one stamping them out.

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