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Baltimore firefighter accused in prostitution ring

A Baltimore firefighter and another man have been charged with running an online prostitution ring.

Authorities allege that Jamar Marvin Simmons had been organizing the ring for several years.

Simmons and another man, Franklin Coit, were charged after police raided a Baltimore warehouse and seized a handgun, drugs, computers, condoms and a ledger with information on the ring.

The 29-year-old Simmons, who had previously been charged with human trafficking and received probation before judgment, has been suspended without pay while the fire department does its own review.

Online court records don’t list a lawyer for either man.


  1. Oh get a life Baltimore. Prostitution should be legalized. The only reason these guys were charged, was because they forgot to pay business taxes to the city. If prostitution was legal in the city, the city could benefit from a whole new revenue stream and would not have to tax its citizens so much. Like in Germany I recommend the ticket approach to prostitution. As long as Simmons and Colt did not use underage persons there should be no crime committed At least they supplied condoms for the girls/boys.

  2. Anonymous for my safety

    As someone who used to work with these men as an escort, I can confirm that there were not underage people working for them. Also no one was forced to work. The media is spinning this as a case of “human trafficking” based on technicalities that have no basis in the reality of what was happening.