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Editorial: Summertime and the movies are showin’

There are many welcome signs of summer in Baltimore – steamed crabs, snow cones and the Orioles, to name a few – and one of them has come to be the Little Italy Outdoor Film festival.

The 2012 season began July 6 and will continue every Friday through August. In 14 years, attendance has grown from 130 on the first night to crowds often numbering as many as 3,000 that bring chairs and blankets to the parking lot of Da Mimmo Restaurant and spend a pleasant summer evening.

Some bring picnics, others enjoy carryout dinners from local restaurants, which offer movie night specials.

“It’s not that anybody does gangbusters business that day, because they don’t, but it brings people to the neighborhood; the community loves it,” says Maria Vaccaro, owner of the Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop and president of the Little Italy Restaurant Association.

Hats off to the Little Italy restaurateurs and their partners – Colombo Bank, the state Department of Business and Economic Development and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts.

They have given us another reason to love summer in the city.