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Law blog roundup (plus poll results)

Welcome to mid-July and another mid-Atlantic scorcher. Here are some cool news items to start the week.

— You might not believe what some New York hospitals are doing to keep costs down.

— Judges in Lindsay Lohan case are not beyond reproach.

— Do lawyers in Supreme Court cases need an official scorer?

— Extras will be needed for “All the President’s Lawyers.”


Last week, we asked you who you would like to see replace Robert M. Bell as chief judge on the Court of Appeals when Bell steps down next year.

A total of 142 people voted in the poll. Here are the top four choices:

1. Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, Court of Appeals — 32

2. Judge Lynne A. Battaglia, Court of Appeals — 31

3. Judge Albert J. Matricciani Jr., Court of Special Appeals — 20

4. Ralph S. Tyler, Esq. — 14