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In-House Interrogatory

Kristi Tousignant//July 18, 2012

In-House Interrogatory

By Kristi Tousignant

//July 18, 2012

Asked: Our weekly question to the In-House community

The most talked about general counsel in the news in the last week was, of course, former Penn State general counsel Cynthia Baldwin.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh compiled a report after investigating the university’s handling of Jerry Sandusky. When the report was released last week, Baldwin was repeatedly mentioned for not dealing with the situation correctly.

Sandusky was convicted and jailed on 45 counts of abusing boys and is awaiting sentencing.

Baldwin served as the interim general counsel from January 2010 until June 30. Freeh criticizes Baldwin for downplaying the grand jury investigation into Sandusky to the university’s board of trustees. The report also says she failed to find an expert for the university’s internal investigation or to lead it through the criminal investigation.

The report singles Baldwin out for attending the testimony of Senior Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley during the grand jury investigation. Baldwin said she attended simply to represent the university, but Schultz and Curley thought she was there as their attorney.

Baldwin stepped down last month and was replaced by former Johns Hopkins University general counsel Stephen S. Dunham. The university’s board of trustees approved his hiring last week.

So, here’s our question for you:

Did Baldwin handle the situation with Sandusky well? What should she have done differently?

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