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How valuable is a law school transcript? (access required)

The summer season is full of mosquitoes, sweltering temperatures, open-toed shoes and... studying for the bar exam.


  1. It’s hard to know your exact point. You have several different themes rambling about and running into one another, seemingly without heading in any particular direction. Are you writing about law school rankings, law graduate employment prospects, recent litigation against law schools for misrepresenting employment data, or the University of Illinois Law School fine for falsifying admissions data (BTW – the University of Illinois Law School was fined, not your undergraduate alma mater, the University of Illinois), and what do any of these have to do with an employer’s request for a transcript in the job application process? On what seems to be your basic point (judging from the title to the column), if a transcript (not the same as a GPA) can be used to evaluate law school graduates with similar credentials, as you seem to say it can, why can’t it be used to evaluate experienced lawyers with similar credentials? If ever you should apply for work someplace else, you might want to consider including your law school transcript in the application package, in lieu of a writing sample.

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