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O’Malley sets up political action committee

ANNAPOLIS — Gov. Martin O’Malley has set up a political action committee with the Federal Elections Commission to help raise money to support measures that will be on the ballot in Maryland in November and to continue supporting President Barack Obama, an aide said Thursday.

Documents for the “O Say Can You See” PAC, which was first reported by Roll Call, were filed Monday with the FEC. PACs are used to raise money to campaign for or against political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation.

Rick Abbruzzese, O’Malley’s director of public affairs, said the PAC will help the governor raise money to support same-sex marriage legislation, which was passed this year but petitioned by opponents to the ballot for a statewide vote. Abbruzzese also said the PAC will raise money to support a law that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition under certain circumstances that also has been petitioned to referendum.

Abbruzzese noted the committee can be used to defend the governor’s congressional redistricting map, which has been petitioned to the ballot as well.

“It’s a mechanism to help support the various ballot initiatives in Maryland and contribute to the national conversation to re-elect President Obama,” Abbruzzese said.

O’Malley is in his second term as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and has been a vocal Obama supporter. He’s made frequent appearances on national political shows where O’Malley is regularly asked if he is planning a presidential bid of his own in 2016.

O’Malley’s term as head of the DGA ends in December, and the PAC will allow the governor to support a small political operation.

The documents list Martin Cadogan as the treasurer of the PAC. Cadogan has served as treasurer for O’Malley’s campaigns for governor and mayor of Baltimore.

The name of the PAC comes from the opening line of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the national anthem about the bombardment of Baltimore’s Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.


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  1. O’Malley’s a flaming idiot supporting anything connected with BHO….makes him a socialist fool too.