Baltimore mayor, delegation leader don’t agree on gambling

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the leader of the city's delegation to the House of Delegates share a common interest in Charm City's well-being. ...


  1. The Mayor is simply falling in line with the developers both in Baltimore and the state, just as her mentor O’Malley taught her to do. The city council is getting the heat for policy that is hostile to the residents of the city and as such are more accountable to the people. We all know that the shortfalls in city and state governments comes from the failure to secure the billions in fraud from the mortgage fraud, health care fraud, and business tax credit fraud. there is no need for a regressive tax like gambling to be taking hold in Baltimore and Maryland.

  2. Mayor Rawlings-Blake works for the developers just as her mentor O’Malley and she is ready to stand for any issue supported by the governor. This state and city has billions yet to come from the massive mortgage fraud of which Attorney General Gansler collected an interest payment of $25 billion. The mayor need to shout out for those fraudlent profits to come back to city coffers and leave gambling in Vegas. We don’t need another industry with a propensity for crime in the state.