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BGE seeking distribution rate increases

Baltimore Gas & Electric says it is seeking rate increases for electricity and natural gas distribution.

Company officials say they asked state regulators Friday for the increases. The utility says they are needed to make improvements to comply with recently enacted state and federal reliability and public safety requirements.

If approved, the distribution portion of typical residential electric bills would increase 6.6 percent and residential gas distribution would increase 7.9 percent. Distribution accounts for about 30 percent of utility bills. The cost of the actual electricity and gas accounts for the remainder.

BGE says if approved, rates are expected to go up in February. The company also sought an increase on distribution rates in 2010. BGE said at the time they were needed for new technologies and customer service improvements.

One comment

  1. I bet the Daily Record will be the first to remind the politicians and the MPSC of their assertions that there will be no rate hike with the merger of BGE with Exelon. We all shouted that giving our state utility to a national corporation would make the public a profit-source and here they come.

    Exelon is a billion dollar business that has plenty of money to pay for its own improvements and we expect the MPSC to hold to its assertions and deny any rate increase.