Court appearance matters

Given the heat, it is certainly more of a burden than normal to go to court wearing a suit and tie. It is, however, one worth undertaking ...


  1. Great observations. As was said by “General” Larry Plattflv, “Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground….”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X9AUZoG0I0

  2. I’m betting you’re one of those guys who can’t take a deposition without drawing a line down the middle of his legal pad first.

  3. Mr. Cannon: As someone who used to lead a rather large attorney organization, I can say that I always imposed a dress code on both support staff and attorneys. But I did so because my concern was always making certain that our clients understood that we were professionals worthy of respect. However, I do think it important to point out that not every party who appears in court, especially if one is a defendant in a criminal case, can afford the fine pinstriped suit, designer tie and wingtip shoes. Your observation that many pro se clients “seem to have absolutely no regard for their appearance before the court,” is, I fear, an observation borne of privilege. Many of these clients cannot afford the spiffy clothes you would prefer them to wear. So, I guess my bottom line is, if you are uncertain whether a client will appear in ‘professional’ attire in court, make sure he/she does so by supplying the appropriate wardrobe in advance.

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