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London tourism falling down, falling down …

Do we really want to take another shot at the Olympics for Baltimore-Washington?

The U.S. Olympic Committee has already decided not to bid on the 2020 Summer Games, so the next opportunity would be for 2024, and that decision will be made in five years. In the meantime, consider this bit of news that has come out of London on Monday:

Tourism in Great Britain actually was down during the just-completed Olympics, the Associated Press reported. A British tourist trade association that surveyed its members said 88 percent found their business during the Olympics was down from the same period last year. Businesses said the number of tourists dropped 10 to 13 percent from 2011.

The games didn’t even fill London’s hotels. They had 80 percent occupancy, which is their normal August rate.

Plus, the visitors to London weren’t getting out and about — at least not in the tourist spending sense.

“The people who came to the games really didn’t do very much sightseeing, didn’t do very much shopping, didn’t do very much eating out,” Miles Quest, a spokesman for the British Hospitality Association, told the AP.

The overall drop may be a case of the Olympics driving some people away.

“A lot of people thought London would be very busy and very expensive at this time,” said Mary Rance, chief executive of UKinbound, the tourist trade association. “We weren’t completely surprised, but we were a bit disappointed that [the Olympics] seem to have had an impact around the U.K., not just London.”

It could be a case of people heeding the words of that sage, Yogi Berra, who once supposedly said: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”