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Hit the road, Jack

Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but it also apparently makes you happier in general.

Frequent business travelers report excitement, eagerness and other positive emotions associated with travel, according to a survey by Fairfield Inns & Suites by Marriott, based in Bethesda.

Respondents – a group of 1,000 frequent travelers — were overwhelmingly happy both when preparing for the trip (86 percent) and during the trip (88 percent).

Could it be that these travelers are just workaholics who want to get away from everyone? Maybe not. Those surveyed said hitting the road made them value their time with family and friends more (86 percent) and treasure personal time more (83 percent).

Then again, the survey said they valued the time at home, not that they actually wanted to spend more time there. In fact, 30 percent of these frequent travelers said they wished they were able to travel more.

Hey, maybe it’s all those great road songs, like from Ricky Nelson, Bob Seger, Willie Nelson and SpongeBob.

Plus, what happens on the road … well, you know.