Community has many questions for Rotunda’s developer

As Hekemian Co. prepares new designs for changes at The Rotunda, many in the community are seeking answers about how the proposed mega redevelopment will impact quality of life in Hampden. ...


  1. By the time the community and Councilwoman Clark receive the answers they want , some of Seniors will not be around to see the completed project. The 25th Street project is still in porcess and alreadylost a tenant and the West Side in Baltimore is already in its ‘ 10th year and nothing to show for it. There must be a better way !!


  2. Once again another example of the Baltimore City Goverment and politicans,some how the tax payer’s will pay,and more people will move to the suburbs.

  3. I have lived in the Rotunda Area for 50 years,The Hekemian Co. will design a excellent development when they are thru. If Mary Pat Clark and community leader’s,whom I might add, are new and have different views then most people in the community,would keep there mouth shut so the improvements could begin it would create more job’s and improve the community.Mary Pat Clark should care more about the crime and drug abuse in the area then stopping construction.

  4. I have worked and lived in the Hampden area since 1974 and I disagree with John’s comments above. Clarke is doing well by her constituents in carefully scrutinizing the proposal for Rotunda redesign. The Rotunda’s problems are a direct result of its ownership(several owners) over the last twenty years and their seemingly deliberate attempt to drive the mall into the ground.

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