Interested party or public relations nightmare?

At what point do you have to step back and ask if someone could ask if you are “paying to defend your customer’s killer?”


  1. Progressive is a strange outfit.

    They have an agent down the street from my house in Upper Fells Point. The office window has a life-sized cardboard picture of their spokeswoman “Flo.” When my homeowner’s insurance came up for renewal I asked for a quote from them. They refused to give a quote because I live in a house with a flat roof. They don’t insure houses with flat roofs. The reason for this is obvious. Not insuring flat-roofed houses is a back-door way of redlining “urban” areas.

    I can understand redlining. I don’t agree with it, but I understand the history of racism. What I can’t understand is why a company would solicit business in an area that it is redlining.

  2. Did it occur to you to review the UIM statute? Or to speak with a lawyer who has? Instead of musing philosophically about the blog post of a man with zero legal experience and an understandably deep emotional attachment to the case?

    Although honestly anything that gets that irritating woman off my TV screen is fine with me.

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