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Zen and the art of lawyering (access required)

By finding some sort of harmony in my professional life, I hope to alleviate some stress in a stress-filled profession. ...


  1. Shouldn’t the title to the column be “Running and the Art of Lawyering.” You use the word “Zen” once as an adjective (“I have been working on being more ‘zen'”), but that it the only mention of it. The one contemplative technique you describe, “going on a long run,” can be relaxing, but running is hardly a synonym for zen, or an ideal setting for “contemplating one’s essential nature.” There are too many distractions and dangers out there on the road that one must pay attention to.

  2. Actually I started the running in law school!

    Michael’s zen approach seems appropriate–there are many facets of our
    professions and careers that could use this same approach. Best of luck to all in maintaining such a balance.