Evil insurance company? Following the law? Both?

I have handled my fair share of Progressive automobile collision cases, so I clicked the link. I didn't expect the vitriol on the Internet, which was spreading a social media-kindled firestorm about one lawsuit. ...


  1. John – There was a blog post about this case on abovethelaw.com, too. (The comments section was more informative than the post, but that’s another story.) It’s my understanding that a key fact in the Fisher case was that Fisher’s own passenger testified she (the decedent) ran the red light. Assuming that’s true, Progressive must have felt it had an obligation to try the case, otherwise Fisher’s UIM coverage would be the equivalent of life insurance, which it’s not. Tragic case all the way around and her brother’s confusion is understandable.

  2. The Evil Insurance Company is actually Nationwide Insurance, Allied Insurance, Zenith Ag Solutions ( Roseville, CA ) – These companies illegal scan employees private cell phones ( non work use ), scan private laptop computers, illegally place GPS devices on employees private cars, illegally place audio recording devices in employees apartments, illegally view video footage of employees shopping at say Target or Sears et al ( eating at rest ), illegally take employees private life information and illegally sell that information in the form of bits of payola to media ( news anchors, networks TV shows as double meaning content for bribe / payola writers, David Letterman, SNL, The Today Show, The Weather Channel, Morning Express with Robin Meade et al…

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