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Gas drilling panel meeting in western Md.

HAGERSTOWN — A panel studying the impact of natural gas drilling in western Maryland is holding a meeting to update residents on its work.

The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission meets Monday night in McHenry.

The Maryland Department of the Environment says the nighttime meeting at the Garrett College auditorium is intended to give residents an overview of the panel’s progress.

The group has until Dec. 31 to produce a draft report on the best practices for extracting gas by hydraulic fracturing. The final report on best practices is due Aug. 1, 2013.

The group’s final report on the impact of gas drilling is due one year later.

One comment

  1. What didn’t come out of the legislature and is critical protection for the public on matters of fracking is the funding and implementation of a baseline study of the Marcellus aquifer. In order to sue for contamination of the aquifer by fracking chemicals you must have data providing the chemicals weren’t there at the start. The midwest and PA citizens have all been left with no data for court challenges and Maryland is heading that way as well.

    When legislators tell you there will be no drilling in Western Maryland, they are failing to tell you that in states all around us….PA, MD, and WVA, all are fracking and Maryland’s aquifer will be contaminated.