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O’Malley to speak at Democratic convention

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will be a speaker at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., next month.

The Democratic National Convention Committee announced additional speakers on Monday.

O’Malley has a high profile in the party, frequently appearing on national television shows. O’Malley also is the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

O’Malley, who is in his second term, also had a speaking role in the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine will also have a speaking role at this year’s convention, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 4. Former President Bill Clinton will be speaking as well. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will be the first Latino keynote speaker at the convention.

One comment

  1. Someone will have to give O’Malley a quick lesson on the Democratic Platform. It is the party that protects middle/lower class people.

    O’Malley is privatizing all that is public…think Perestroika American style. Like public transportation because it allows you to live where you want and allows you to afford trips you need to take? Privatizing means living where it is cost affective and fares that limit you to going to work.

    Like you public education? Charters are a hot item in Wall Street portfolios as the banks gear up for the corporate takeover of K-college. O’Malley is pushing this hard….tiered funding, cheap classroom overhead with computer classes and large class size, Teach for America replacing teachers.

    Like Rule of Law? O’Malley is all about using contractors and subcontractors to circumvent existing labor laws and wages with Right to Work states filling jobs while Maryland workers picket. The takeover of Maryland’s economy by national corporations and development corporations have hijacked community rights. Think there is a budget deficit? There are billions lost in Maryland every year to financial and health fraud and Maryland’s fraud laws are not to be found our enforced.

    O’Malley will need a crib sheet for this talk.