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USM spends in top-10 for research, earns in middle-of-pack

It’s no secret Maryland public universities are trying to get better at commercializing professors’ and students’ research.

But in 2011, the universities did not get much bang for their buck.

A report by The Chronicle of Higher Education shows the University System of Maryland spent almost $1.07 billion on research in fiscal year 2011. For that investment, the system received just $1.3 million through licensing technology to start-ups.

Compare that to the top-ranking institution — Northwestern University  — which spent $484.1 million but got $191.5 million through commercialization.

According to The Chronicles’ data — compiled through survey responses from 153 universities, plus four more that replied anonymously — the University System of Maryland spent the ninth-most money on research while receiving the 78th-most license income.

The system — which pulls most of its research funding from the flagship University of Maryland, College Park, University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, Baltimore County — did manage to receive the 14th-most patents, with 77. The University of California System was first with 343 patents issued.

Overall, universities reported license income of $1.8 billion and research expenditures of $40.9 billion.

(Photo: Colin Gore, grad student in material science and engineering at University of Maryland, College Park working with Eric D. Wachsman, director of the University of Maryland Energy Research Center. Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)