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Staying motivated

I never want summer to end but I always enjoy Labor Day weekend. I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the beach this year but I got to do some stuff around the house I’ve been meaning to do (paint and organize) as well as some fun stuff, namely discovering Homestead Gardens (I could’ve spent the entire weekend cruising around there).

But it’s now unofficially the start of fall and I’m looking forward to all the things that come with it, particularly football and pumpkin lattes. I’m also looking forward to fall because (at least for me) it’s an exciting time that signifies new beginnings.

I’m still young enough for fall to remind me of going back to school and being excited about getting to see my friends and looking forward to new classes. And it’s looking like I’ll get the chance to experience some of that same excitement this year.

The case I’m working on at my law firm (where I’m working as a temporary staff attorney) is winding down for me. I genuinely enjoyed my time working there, learned a lot and made new friendships, so my motivation to look for something permanent has dwindled in the past few months.

I know from experience that job searching can be tough and there have been some times over the past three years where it got me down. This post, in fact, was going to have a less positive tone until I started writing.

I think it’s hard to get motivated and stay motivated right now as a young lawyer. The economy is really rough and I think the source of motivation driving many of us is similar to the source of motivation of the kayaker above. Except instead of being chased by a great white, we are being chased by the prospect of unemployment and underemployment to go with our $100,000-degrees and having to move back in with the ‘rents (even scarier than a great white, I know).

I will freely admit that fear was my primary motivator at times in my early legal career; fear of all the above reasons, but also the fear of having put forth all of this hope and effort into a legal career only to find myself somewhere not making enough of a difference. But I’ve decided that this fall I’m not going to let fear be my motivator.

Instead of applying (and getting my hopes up) for every opportunity that comes my way, I’m going to focus my efforts on places that will be a good fit. I also want to focus my blog postings more closely on what I’m doing to meet my goal (which by the way can be pretty tricky when your audience contains your prospective employers). I am waiting to hear back from an interview that was a big deal for me so hopefully I’ll be able to post an update soon with good news! In the mean time, stay motivated!