Jobless with a J.D.

"I'm a recent graduate from law school," she said. "I graduated top of my class and I spend all day doing document review and wait tables at night, when I can get shifts."


  1. We need our recent law graduates to shout loudly and strongly that the Fedearl, State, and local governments need to rebuild the white collar criminal agencies that were decontructed by Bush era. Massive fraud is the number one industry in the US and as such should see a jump in job standings…but curious as it is….this exploding field of criminal law is never mentioned.

  2. Cindy, this thinking is exactly wrong. The lack of good jobs out there for JD’s is directly related to the Obama Admin’s evisceration of the private sector for the last 4 years. Without robust private sector growth, there is simply NO revenue to support govt functions of any kind.