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‘Warrior Lawyer’ launches Facebook attack

Baltimore’s “Warrior Lawyer” is waging battle a little farther south down I-95.

J. Wyndal Gordon, the “Warrior Lawyer,” unleashed an attack on Washington, D.C., Councilman Michael Brown in a post on Facebook this week.

“I never was much into D.C. politics, but I do know a Rat when I smell one,” the post begins.

Gordon is representing Brown’s former campaign manager, Hakim Sutton. Brown fired Sutton after discovering campaign funds were missing. Gordon wrote the post after Brown held a news conference announcing the $114,000 in missing campaign money.

Gordon went on to accuse Brown of “skulduggery and debauchery,” saying Brown failed to properly pay employees and hinted that Brown himself had taken the missing money.

“It is due to his own laziness, arrogance, narcissism and greed that Brown finds himself in the position he’s in today [with little money], — not some false claim of theft as he would have the public to wholesale believe,” Gordon wrote in the post.


  1. Another person who paid limited attention in his professional responsibility course. UB must be so proud (or, in the alternative, wonder when the self-inflicted pounding will stop).

  2. I’d say from the pictures on his website and the one in the article, Mr. Gordon is very familiar with ‘arrogance and narcissism.’

  3. From the looks of his website and the picture accompanying this article, one suspects Mr. Gordon knows more than a thing or two about “arrogance and narcissism.” And he obviously does not know the meaning of ‘debauchery. What an embarassment.